Written by Ahsanali on 9. December 2020 17:53 o'clock


Every real estate professional is aimed at providing the best results for both the agency they work for and their clients, which is why, to achieve this, it is important to consider using programs that can help administer and manage your property portfolio.


There are different programs (softwares) that allow solving various aspects of the property management process; among them, control the collection and payment of rents, in different currencies, concentrate customer information (documents) in a secure way, report generate personalized reports and measure KPIs.

There are five alternatives that circulate in the market, which offer an important list of attributes with which any real estate professional can benefit; Lamudi.com.mx describes them below:

In an easy, intuitive and parameterizable way, BREAL is a solution created for large portfolio volumes, where a real estate broker, a group of investors, franchises and experienced tenants can confidently manage all their assets in a centralized and efficient way.

Within their plans are listed some options that facilitate the operation of these: requests for brokerage for sale and lease, pre-invoices for real estate services, financing, property reservation, cost centers, insurance, insurance payment, contributions and insured claims .

This brand proposes four technological solutions that help to do the task in a simpler way. Initially, the software covers the complete real estate administration cycle in a complete way, "from prospecting (CRM), contracting, leasing, financing, property maintenance, electronic invoicing, finance and collection management", they describe on their portal.

In addition, it includes a tool for the issuance of electronic invoices in a safe and reliable way. This does not expire, protects invoices for up to three months, allows assigning blocks of 100 pages for each company and canceling invoices after 72 hours. Two other solutions that are relevant to review are the portable application to consult KPIs and MIES, where there is the possibility of consulting account statements, past due portfolio, income graph, list of contracts and more.

Unlike the aforementioned product, SAI, in addition to being a Mexican software, is a software intended for those who are starting or who are not yet so big in the market. This solution for SMEs helps streamline the sales process and reduce administrative and accounting expenses.
Sky Marketing is a leading marketing company working on many real estate projects like smart city, blue world city and development housing societies in Pakistan.
This Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) helps to take control of the entire operation with modules including warehouse, accounting, business intelligence , SaiMóvil, e Commerce and Procurement .

If the aim is to save billing time, reduce spending in general, receive higher increases and contract renewals, BISMO makes itself available in the electronic market, since all movements are uploaded to a cloud.

It is a multi-company application that can be ported on both a computer and a mobile phone, where preconfigured reports, key performance indicators, CRM, past due portfolio, authorization flows, budgets and more can be made.

The specialized implementation in condominiums and buildings allows to create a website ready to handle fees, payments, notices, reports and everything that a professional manager needs. The interesting thing is that it costs nothing, it is free.
Some of the tools that are listed on its website are: Receive requests from residents 24 hours a day through the help desk, report works and repairs with photos and progress comments, send news and notices, organize the calendar of events, send by email or print billing notices and payment receipts.


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