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We at Al-Qawwa Company, a kitchen cleaning company in Dammam, we clean all types of kitchens very excellent, so we do the following:


We clean the floors and walls, whether they are ceramic or marble.
We sweep the marble and clean especially the marble for the cooking process.
We clean dishwashing sinks and cooking utensils, and if the sink is in a state of rust, we remove the rust and return it as if it was brand new.
We clean the faucets and return them as if they are all right.
We clean the stove and refrigerator and do maintenance for them if needed.
We clean food tanks and utensils of various shapes and types.
Bathroom cleaning in Dammam

The problem of cleaning companies in Dammam is that it is difficult for them to perform the cleaning process completely for each area well, for example the issue of cleaning bathrooms, especially home bathrooms, needs a special type of cleaning, because a professional plumber must be available at the company who does an examination of the bathroom, its tools and parts with all Something in it and it is available in Al-Qawwa Company. We are the best bathroom cleaning company in Dammam, and we also have a special section for detecting water leaks in Dammam.

A swimming pool cleaning company in Dammam to disinfect home swimming pools
We at Al-Power Company, a home cleaning company in Dammam, we also clean swimming pools of all kinds, whether they are private swimming pools at home, in hotels or in sports clubs, and we clean the bathroom itself, clean and sterilize the water, and completely clean the pools in every part, and we also do maintenance for every part Found in swimming pools.

Carpet and carpet cleaning in Dammam
In Al-Quwa Company, we are also a carpet cleaning company in Dammam. We do the following:

We clean Persian carpets the best way possible.
We clean Arab carpets of whatever type.
We clean wooden carpets of any type, thickness, and size.
We clean all kinds of carpet.
We use all kinds of methods to clean carpet and carpets.
Cleaning sofa boards in Dammam
A council cleaning company in Dammam cleans all types of furniture.
We clean all the French and Arabic sofas.
We use the dry cleaning method to clean sofa fabrics.
We do maintenance on the sofa, whether it is made of wood or made of alumontal.
We upholster all sofa upholstery if required and also according to the client's desire.
If the sofa is very dirty and full of stains, we are very willing to return it as it was brand new.
We are the best sofa cleaning company in Dammam

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